Daniele Brusaschetto is an Italian songwriter and musician.
He has been active as a soloist since the middle of the 1990s. The releases under his name are characterized by the union of elements of soundscapes and electronics and an intimate soul. The result is a sort of industrial songwriting.
He also runs his own record label 'Bosco rec'.









Microtype is a dj and producer from Germany.
He is playing music of different musical styles like hardcore punk, digital noise and breakcore.

Also he is doing the label Revolution Recordings







Brandstifter plays solo and in various experimental music groups in Europe and the US like the SK Orchestra collective with Michael Durek (PASmusique) from New Jersey, the Wateroloured Well collective with members from the rhine main area or Wizards of Oi with Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear) from New York. 2013 Brandstifter was invited to perform his concertante sound installation rauschgiftengelloops at the Yoko Ono retrospective Half a Wind Show in Frankfurt. In April 2016 Brandstifter joined Fluxus cofounder Ben Patterson for his very last live Performance on a performance festival in Wiesbaden. Patterson passed away in June just when their performance Silent Refugee Night was released on vinyl. In September Brandstifter played his VOX NOISE LOOPS piece sNO!w at the Experi-MENTAL Festival 7 in Brooklyn and exhibited his latest same titled collaged sound object at the gallery CENTRAL BOOKING in Lower East Side.